A Five-Prong Approach Grounded by Teaching the Bible

  1. The PT - Pastor Training
    We teach the Bible to equip ministering pastors and develop more trainers among them so that pastors are trained by mature and experienced serving pastors. At the heart of the training program is a commitment to call pastors back from the currently over-presumed understanding, to the biblically essential pastoral task.

    In the age of uncritical pragmatism, the church desperately needs shepherds who skillfully and faithfully apply classic pastoral wisdom to contemporary challenges. There is a need to nurture for the church, godly leaders committed to, and competent for Christ’s redemptive purpose in Africa.
  2. The PT-Shalom Effort
    We reach women with Bible teaching and to encourage pastors’ wives to reach and nurture fellow women in Christ. The main discipleship platform for this endeavor is domestic welfare improvement, towards sustainable livelihood in homes of Gospel ministers, by their virtuous wives. In this way, women are seen to be co-workers with men in the kingdom.

    Just how effective is the pastor’s message to his congregation, in encouraging parents to provide for their children – school fees, clothing, food, health etc. - while his own family cannot reflect this reality?

    The messenger and his message are one and the same, and the irregularity of what people can see in a pastor’s home heavily bears upon his message in the shepherding effort.
  3. The PT-Student Initiative
    We reach tertiary institutions (universities and colleges) to teach the Bible and train Christian students’ fraternity to correctly handle the Bible message in their setting.

    Training by grooming within the PT Student Initiative is more preparatory than training by correcting in-service pastors who are inadequately aligned to biblical message and methods, often serving for many years in a crisis.

    So, while PT keeps abreast in training in-service church leaders through the PT Pastoral training, we recognize that training the in-coming prospective ministers by grooming them renders a fore biblical alignment that is necessary for church growth.
  4. The PT-Literature Resource
    We seek to gather and avail Christian literature through Bookstores, organize literature in Library settings, production of literature by encouraging Christians to write and publishing books as well as sharing life-in-Christ through Christian magazines..
  5. The PT-Workplace Ministry
    We recognize that not all Christians are called to “fulltime ministry,” but all are called to minister fulltime. Helping Christians in the workplace to embrace their vocations as redemptive mission continues to enhance strategic initiatives for the Gospel, and teaches godly stewardship. 

    In our understanding of God’s Kingdom, we do not subscribe to dualistic notions of ‘secular or sacred jobs’ for a Christian worker who exerts his or her essential being and professional outworking as unto the Lord (Col. 3:17, 23) wherever he or she is placed according to God’s will and purpose.

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