The PT Institute Educational Center

At the heart of the wider ministry operation of the Proclamation Task is the PT Institute – set up as an educational center to give anchor to all training, ground the education philosophy, preserve values and build a cherished tradition in producing efficient Gospel workers. The Institute gives the needed priority to pastoral development, aware that faithful spiritual leadership is paramount for God’s mission in the world through the church (Eph. 3:10) As our world becomes increasingly globalized, the task of communicating the Gospel in multi-cultural contexts is increasingly pressing. To this, the PTI seeks to develop Christian workers committed to biblical faithfulness and cultural relevance that match our fast changing world, by offering a flexible program designed to foster growth in various ministries. The Institute serves as the anchoring operation for all ministry engagements of PT, depicting the program values, educational philosophy and instructional standards for and theological education and spiritual leadership development in all the five aspects of PT. And as the Institute continues to grow, deans of faculties will be enlisted to give guidance to heads of academic departments, and they in turn supervise the directors of academic divisions.

Jointly, the PT Institute Council will handle quality assurance, uphold the conceptual framework, research, personnel, trainee enlisting, instructors and the best utilization of opportunity and resources at hand.

Christianity is a teaching religion and education in this case, is the process, whether formal, non-formal or informal, that shapes the potential of a maturing person.
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