Our Vision

A biblically healthy church, sustainably growing in numbers and vitality to fulfill God’s mission in the world.

Our Mission

To educate those who preach and teach the Bible, so as to establish biblical priorities in:
  • the message they proclaim,
  • the motivation that guides them, and
  • the methods they employ for Christian ministry.

Our Objectives

  1. To provide biblical studies, theological education for pastoral development, for church growth through accurate evangelism, reliable discipleship and effective church planting.
  2. To make theological training available to all people – men, women and young people – who would not easily or swiftly have access to existing residential training programs in Bible Colleges and seminaries.
  3. To assist local churches establish their own leadership prospectus for an integrated continuity through multiplication (2 Tim. 2:2) through life-long informal training.
  4. To explain and affirm to Bible teachers, the urgent necessity and role of authentic preaching the Word for church growth. (Acts 6:7; 12:24; 13:49 19:20)
  5. To encourage a ministry of the Word at depth, in terms of a determination to allow all the vital thrust of that Word to do its costly work in men’s lives for the production of Christian character and wholeness.
  6. To work for an incisive, prayer-centered pastoral work among leaders as necessary to the above, in helping the Word home through personal application for a steady and unobtrusive building up of the Church of Christ in the salvation of men.
  7. To raise servant-leaders who display integrity, personal discipline, justice and compassion in their actions among all people. Christian workers who model a moral and ethical framework, living out their biblical faith as Christian practitioners wherever God has placed them.
  8. To support domestic efforts for skills and material backing for sustainable livelihood in order to meet the needs in a wholesome personal development (spirit, mind, body, and soul).
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