The Proclamation Task (PT) was set up in Uganda in 1999 for the purpose of helping the local church to establish biblical priorities and methods for Christian ministry, centered on the prominence of studying, teaching, and effective preaching of God’s Word.

To this purpose, PT organizes, supervises and coordinates theological training and pastoral enrichment among leaders in a Christian evangelical and interdenominational setting in Uganda.

In its work, PT has a deliberate approach of assessing Christian ministry needs and doing research to develop a contextual philosophy and practice of a training that can help preachers face the challenges that the newly emerging paradigms in society and in the church present to the proclamation of God’s word.

PT’s Bible agenda is arranged in such a way that the acquired spiritual knowledge shapes leader’s attitude and world view, which in turn bear upon their lifestyle in socio-cultural living as they “put off and put on” (Eph. 4:22-23), practicing life in a mindset of new ethics for wholesome living. The details of instruction are meant to cut through the world system, biblically redefining an integrated life.

To this end, PT serves ministers so that they may be refreshed spiritually, stimulated theologically & pastorally, and uphold the wonderful favor of preaching the unsearchable riches of Christ to others.

The challenges that a changing society presents to the church are huge, but so are the opportunities. Transformed pastor-teachers will lead and empower individuals and congregations to swim through tides of life as victorious Christians. PT serves the pastors, instilling in them a zealous and passionate engagement for power preaching and servant leadership with a single-mindedness that meets the needs of searching Christians, and releases them to live fruitful lives in the public arena as a strong church of Christ. In PT, we are convinced that where the Bible is properly preached and taught, God’s voice is heard, and where his voice is heard, sinners are saved, Christians develop in godliness, the church grows and nations are transformed. The connection is not a coincidence.


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