PT Center Facility - Renderings and Floor Plans

This multi-functional facility will be the coordination and training center for biblical preachers and spiritual leaders of Africa’s fast-expanding church. 

PT has pursued its mission with a growing desire to establish the PT Center – a facility that will bring pastor-training supervision and coordination under one roof. We are convinced that part of the permanent establishment for the PT work requires finding a home for it. Once in place, this center will also serve as a facility for the wider evangelical church.

The first and major step towards this desired permanence was achieved in January 2003 when land (10 acres) was acquired. The property is situated on Kagala Hill, 22 kms (14 miles) east of Kampala City, a place that is well accessible. Once in place, the PT Center will handle research and establish a network for church growth. The Center will serve as a conduit for individuals and groups that seek partnerships in local and global Christian mission. The PT Center will also facilitate the preparation and sending of qualified African missionaries to contribute in meeting global spiritual needs, aiding all possible ventures that are aimed at fulfilling the Great Commission.

We envisage this project as a 20-year project of five “four-year phases” in raising and putting to use at least $125,000 annually. The physical plan has been drawn and details of structural drawings printed. We have prioritized the building work as follows:
  • 1st Phase Classroom Building & Dormitory A-1, A-2
  • 2nd Phase Dining Facility & Dormitory B-1, B-2
  • 3rd Phase Administration / Resource Center
  • 4th Phase Dormitory B-3 & Church Sanctuary
  • 5th Phase Ancillary Buildings

The construction venture continues to be an exciting and ambitious proposal, but one well suited to PT’s present and future ministry prospects.

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