2024 Portland, Oregon Visit

Update on Julius & Grace USA Visa

  • June 25:  US Embassy (Kampala) - Julius & Grace interviewed for visas.  
  • July 2:  By mail, Grace receives her visa, but Julius does not.  Instead, Julius  receives a notification letter.  The letter states that further administrative process and review are needed.
  • July 8:  Julius is called by US Embassy to return to their office July 9
  • July 9:  At his US Embassy apppointment, they say "we will contact you, wait to hear from us".  Nothing more.
  • July 13 (6 am Kampala time):  PT-USA and Julius and Grace will have a Zoom meeting to determine next steps.

Julius & Grace USA Travels

Julius and Grace Twongyeirwe are invited to attend the Perspectives 50th-anniversary conference in Chicago.  Perspectives is a ministry to awaken believers to God's global mission.  The conference is July 17-20, 2024 on the campus of Moody Bible Institute. Julius and Grace are among many national leaders from around the world who are attending as guests of Perspectives.  Perspectives is graciously covering their conference registration and Uganda-Chicago airfare.  Click here to read about the beginnings of Perspectives in Uganda.  

In March 2024, during a Zoom meeting with PT-USA, Julius suggested extending their USA trip to include a visit to Portland. As you may know, Julius suffered a mini-stroke early in 2023 and months later received a heart pacemaker. By the grace of God, Julius has noticeably improved and can now travel. He and Grace would like to greet and thank in person those who prayed and stood with them over the past year and a half.

Planning for their Portland, Oregon visit

Plans are underway to fly Julius and Grace from Chicago to Portland for approximately three weeks (July 21-Aug 12), coordinated by the PT-USA team. 

Already, friends and supporters have offered to:

  • Provide housing (for example, August 5-12 lodging has been graciously provided). 
  • Contribute to their needs for groceries, household, and personal supplies.
  • Help drive Julius and Grace around in Portland.  While Julius is recovering well from his stroke, all agree that it is wise that he not attempt to drive while in the USA. 
  • Contribute to their airfare (Chicago to Portland) 
  • Locate a Christian dentist who can see them shortly after arrival
  • Take them to Costco to update their eyeglasses prescriptions

  • Would You Like to Meet with Julius & Grace?

    If you are in the greater Portland, Oregon area and would like to arrange an appointment, have a meal together, or host them at your home, please contact PT-USA. 

    For your convenience, you can use this short online form.   Or simply email us at pt-usa@proctask.org.

    Their Current Schedule (pending Julius' visa approval)

  • July 17-20:   Perspectives Conference, Chicago
  • July 21:  Travel to Portland
  • July 22:  PT-USA fellowship
  • July 28:  Visit GracePointe Church, Milwaukee, OR
  • Aug 1-3:  Retreat at The Sanctuary Inn
  • Aug 4:  Visit Proebstel Evangelical Free Church, Vancouver, WA
  • Aug 11:  Visit Woodland Park Chapel, Vancouver, WA
  • Aug 12:  Depart Portland

  • Support Opportunities

    The estimated cost for the Portland segment of this trip is $6900-7500, depending on actual airfare (Chicago-Portland), groceries, local transportation, gas prices, healthcare provider visits, household and personal supplies, etc.   We're encouraged by the progress to date toward this goal. 

  • To contribute practical support (e.g., transportation help, household supplies, dry pantry staples, etc.), please contact PT-USA at pt-usa@proctask.org.

  • To contribute via credit card, debit card, or bank transfer, please click here to be taken to a special donation form provided by EquipNet International, the 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian ministry that administrates donor support for The Proclamation Task.  

  • To contribute via check or to donate stocks, please see the instructions here.  Please take special note of the unique account number Equip4824, which has been set up especially for this Portland area visit.  It is different than the account number Equip3275 (for donations to PT-Uganda ministries).  

  • Any funds received over the needed amount for trip expenses will be transferred to the PT Uganda general fund for the ministry in Uganda.

    Thank you for your prayers and support for the ministry of PT.

    In Christ,

    The PT-USA Team

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