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In handling this work we have received tremendous support from partners in USA, and especially from the Portland area, whose love and service to God compels them to give financially and standing with us as an invaluable support. Through their giving, the work of training pastors has evidently grown to increase its effects on ministers and their ministries. We are deeply thankful to our current Partners, and continue to ask God to broaden our support base in order to make the burden less on those who give to us as well as make progress more possible.

As a charitable endeavor, PT depends on God for the gifts and donations of His people. Prayerfully, PT makes the needs known to friends, partners and associates. The donations made to PT are then used as designated and duly acknowledged. In regard to stewardship we affirm Matthew 6:20 that he who lays up treasures on earth spends his life backing away from his treasures. To him, death is loss. He who lays up treasures in heaven looks forward to eternity; he is moving daily towards his treasures. To him, death is gain. God expects us to act out of enlightened self-interest. Upon this, we encourage God’s people to give, assuring them that such generous giving never strips us of our vested interest; rather it shifts our vested interests from earth to heaven and from self to God. We encourage people to share in our ministry by heart and resource. 

Through Financial Contributions

EquipNet International, a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian ministry with offices in Alamo, California, USA, administrates donor support for The Proclamation Task.   

EquipNet replaces Ministry Dynamics, whose founders are retiring after many years of faithful and much-appreciated ministry.   If you previously had automatic online donations set up through Ministry Dynamics, please now set up these donations through EquipNet as explained below.

EquipNet will receive and process both online and mailed contributions to PT.    EquipNet is set up to receive contributions from donors worldwide.  Please see EquipNet's Frequently Asked Questions for more information.
Contributions may be designated for any of the following:

  1. PT General Fund. For daily local ministry in Uganda - staff salaries, utilities, office and adminstrative and transportation expenses.  An increase in regular monthly giving to this fund would be a praise and blessing !

  2. PT Shalom Effort.   For reaching women with Bible teaching and practical ideas for augmenting household livelihoods.

  3. PT Building & Construction.   For on-going building needs for The PT Center facility.

  4. PT Institute Scholarship Fund.  For assisting students in the Graduate Studies Certificate and/or Master of Arts (M.A.) in Intercultural Studies programs.

  5. PT Video Production Equipment.   COVID-19 is limiting the size of training classes.  The urgency with which the Gospel must be proclaimed and upheld means that education and training cannot wait, but continue even in emergencies.    This is a special project to raise US $8,842 to purchase the necessary cameras, tripods, lighting, accessories and other equipment needed to cost-effectively produce recordings of PT Institute classes and other gospel worker training.   (Currently it costs US $95 per day per class to hire a video recording service).

  6. Dr. Julius D. Twongyeire personal support.

How to Donate via Credit Card, Check/Debit Card or Bank Account Transfer (ACH)


How to Donate via Check

  • Please make out the check to "EquipNet".
  • On the memo line of your check, be sure to write "Equip3275 The Proclamation Task" and indicate any desired designation(s).  
  • Please also provide EquipNet your email address.  EquipNet sends year-end donor statements by email and not via the postal system.  You can either write your email address on your check or attach a separate note.
  • If your check does not have already have your address and phone number printed on it,  kindly also provide these for EquipNet so they can contact you if they have questions. 
  • Mail the check to EquipNet International, P.O. Box 860, Alamo, CA.  94507.

Through Prayer

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